Brand Strategy and Design

Emotional Brand Advantage (EBA®) Analysis

We believe every company has an emotional brand advantage just waiting to be unleashed. Now you can find it, quantify it, and use it to its full potential with EBA® Analysis. Leverage your advantage to gain market share, grow faster, and better allocate your marketing resources.

How do you differentiate your company in a sea of competitive sameness? What makes customers not just loyal but passionate about your brand? EBA® Analysis was designed for executives who prefer a fact-based method of making critical decisions about brand, marketing, and growth strategies. It will help you understand not only what your customers think and how they act, but also why they make the choices they do.

More powerful than a Net Promoter Score® (NPS), EBA® Analysis combines data obtained directly from your customers and a proven statistical model used by some of the world’s biggest businesses. It can help you identify both rational and emotional drivers of choice that are most important to your customers and measure how you are performing in those critical areas. It can also reveal your competitors’ weaknesses so you can create more effective business strategies and tactics.

The final output of an EBA® Analysis is a simple yet powerful decision matrix revealing which attributes about your brand must be either: corrected, transformed, optimized, or periodically reviewed. With these key facts, you can prioritize and reallocate your marketing spending to optimize bottom line results.

Data is the new currency of marketing. An EBA® Analysis can provide a wealth of insight about your brand and unleash a powerful emotional advantage that was there all the time.