Brand Strategy and Design

Hear the Hungry

For this non-profit organization, we helped them create a brand that would shine a light on the twin issues of hunger and poverty. 

Hear the Hungry was founded in 2010 on the principle that by giving voice to those who are suffering from hunger and poverty, the organization would deliver a human, compassionate connection to those in need and raise awareness about global hunger issues. The nascent nonprofit was in need of a brand identity to meet its goals for growth and expansion into new markets. They also wanted to use a relatively unfamiliar process for drawing attention to the hunger issue: videos of those suffering from lack of food telling their story via social media and other online outlets.

To solve this challenge, VDLA conducted interviews within the organization to gain a clearer understanding of the internal perceptions and vision for the organization. In addition, we participated in filming video interviews with those in need to gain a firsthand understanding of the emotional connection and power of the narrative. Once we had gathered this information, we arrived at a brand identity that would be able to powerfully communicate their brand message as they moved into new cities and extended their reach. As part of our commitment to this charitable effort, we provided our services on a pro-bono basis.

What we did: brand positioning, logo design, visual system design