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What CUs aren't getting from the Net Promoter Score

As described by Glenn Van Deusen in Credit Union Magazine, brands become great by making an emotional connection with their customers. If credit unions want to excel, they need to think outside their own industry and adopt best practices from the world’s best brands. To help credit unions find, quantify, and leverage a unique emotional connection, VDLA created the Emotional Brand Advantage (EBA®) Analysis.


Ten things to do before rebranding

Before you embark on a rebranding program, make sure you've ready. VDLA outlines how an organization should prepare itself for this intensive and exhilarating process. 


Latest branding trends for credit unions

Glenn Van Deusen, a branding expert and advisor to credit union executives, describes some of the latest trends in credit union branding at the Coorperative Credit Union Association annual meeting. Hear how “outside the industry” perspective is changing the way CUs operate.