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VDLA Recognized for Market Research Excellence

VDLA takes a fact-based approach to branding, which includes using market research to identify the key rational and emotional reasons why people choose one brand over another. Client feedback related to the market research phase of our brand strategy and design assignments has resulted in VDLA being recognized by Clutch as one of the leading market research firms in the New York metropolitan area. Clutch reviews cover hundreds of different services and are based on several metrics, including client experience, work quality, and market presence. 

Revealing what makes a brand special and using those insights to turn brands into more powerful business-builders is our passion and how we help organizations every day.


VDLA Named a Top B2B Company in Connecticut!

We are delighted to be recognized as one of the top B2B companies in Connecticut in the Clutch 2019 report. Clutch reviews cover hundreds of different services and are based on several metrics, including client experience, work quality, and market presence. VDLA has a nearly perfect Clutch score of 4.9 out of 5 stars. 


One-minute Brand Assessment Tool

Is your organization doing everything it can to unleash the full business-building potential of its brand? There’s a simple way to find out – just use the attached one-minute Brand Assessment Tool. This simple, self-administered, and totally private way for you to assess your brand could reveal several opportunities to achieve greater business success. Consider also having members of your team anonymously take the survey to identify gaps and alignment across your organization and turn your brand into a more powerful business-builder.

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"Member banking is better banking®" captures the theme of brand initiative

In a highly competitive and saturated market, financial institutions often look for ways to distinguish themselves from the competition. When TruMark Financial Credit Union, one of the strongest, most progressive credit unions in Southeastern Pennsylvania set out to create a branding initiative, its mission was to do just that – distinguish itself from the competition.


Sipi unveils a new corporate brand for the next 100 years

Sipi Metals Corp., a 100+ year-old metal refining and recovery business, retained Van Deusen & Levitt Associates (VDLA), a leading corporate branding firm, to create a new positioning, brand architecture, logo, and visual identity system to extend its brand into new markets.


Bethpage Federal Credit Union gains an emotional brand advantage

Bethpage Federal Credit Union recently retained brand strategy and design firm Van Deusen & Levitt Associates, Inc. (VDLA) to evaluate how the Bethpage brand could strengthen the entire organization. The result was a roadmap for all future marketing, advertising, and promotions that reflected new insights about their members and employees and defined a powerful emotional connection to the credit union.

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What CUs aren't getting from the Net Promoter Score

As described by Glenn Van Deusen in Credit Union Magazine, brands become great by making an emotional connection with their customers. If credit unions want to excel, they need to think outside their own industry and adopt best practices from the world’s best brands. To help credit unions find, quantify, and leverage a unique emotional connection, VDLA created the Emotional Brand Advantage (EBA®) Analysis.


Ten things to do before rebranding

Before you embark on a rebranding program, make sure you've ready. VDLA outlines how an organization should prepare itself for this intensive and exhilarating process. 


Latest branding trends for credit unions

Glenn Van Deusen, a branding expert and advisor to credit union executives, describes some of the latest trends in credit union branding at the Coorperative Credit Union Association annual meeting. Hear how “outside the industry” perspective is changing the way CUs operate.