Brand Strategy and Design




A simple, yet rigorous four-step process that is fact-based, transparent, and highly collaborative.


Understanding the Situation

Before action comes understanding – or as a wise person once said: “engage brain before mouth.” We make it a priority to understand the brand both from the perspective of people in your organization who live the brand every day and from existing and potential customers and those who influence purchase behavior.

The research needs of each client are very unique and there is no single cookie-cutter solution. We only recommend gathering information that will lead to better strategic decisions and stronger design solutions. We start by separating the “nice to know” from the “need to know” so we can gain key insights in the most efficient and effective ways possible and quickly turn those insights into tangible solutions.


  • Internal input sessions
  • Management interviews
  • Qualitative research – one-on-ones, diads, triads, focus groups, intercepts
  • Quantitative research – mailed surveys, online surveys, tracking studies
  • Competitive profiling
  • Brand audit
  • Situation analysis
  • Management interviews



Defining a Clear Strategic Direction

By analyzing the insights gained during the Discovery Phase, we’re able to define a clear strategic direction to guide creation of a powerful brand. With no vested interest in preserving any status quo, we’re able to directly, yet tactfully, define where the brand may be strongest, weakest, and most able to leverage positive equities in new directions. At the end of this phase, you’ll have a keen sense of the brand equities that must be preserved, which ones need improvement, and where rich, differentiating equities can be tapped. Surprising to many clients are the gaps we typically uncover in internal (employee) versus external (customer) perceptions of the brand.


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Opportunity matrix
  • Brand architecture
  • Strategic brand guide
  • Audience mapping


Bringing Strategy to Life

Using our Strategic Brand Guide as a measure, we develop unique and creative ways to express your brand visually, verbally, and experientially. We create engaging and appropriate ways to articulate the core brand identity and capture the equities and character that define your brand. Combining inspiration, passion, and exacting attention to detail, we apply the full power of your brand across every touchpoint so that each interaction builds positive brand equity, delivers a consistent brand experience, and distinguishes your brand from the competition.


  • Naming and nomenclature
  • Environmental design
  • Package design
  • Logo design
  • Information architecture
  • Visual system design
  • Brand exhibit design
  • Website and apps


Launching and Sustaining Brands

Brands are precious assets that require specialized care and attention. We create systems to maintain and even enhance value over time. Once the various forms of brand expression have been created, we develop the “rules” of application to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency with each use. The elements and systems established in the Expression Phase are now put into practice with thoroughness and precision. We work with your internal team and external partners to launch the brand to its full capacity and sustain its strength well into the future.


  • Roll-out plans
  • Brand guidelines
  • Programming
  • Vendor management
  • Production management
  • Brand testing