Brand Strategy and Design

Scient Federal Credit Union

A small, regional credit union set an ambitious goal – to expand coast to coast and continue providing services that were as good as the big, national banks. 

First, they needed to define the core strengths and attributes of the brand. Using our Emotional Brand Advantage (EBA®) Analysis, we found that the existing name, Ledge Light Federal Credit Union, didn’t resonate outside of their coastal New England hometown, and their unique heritage of serving people in life science occupations wasn’t being leveraged as a competitive advantage. As a result, VDLA recommended a complete rebranding—as Scient Federal Credit Union. The Scient name, which was selected from a list of more than 1,200 candidates, met all of the standard naming criteria while reinforcing their core brand equity drivers, unique brand character, and desired brand aspirations.

The rebranding contributed to a 32% increase in membership over 24 months and exceptional revenue growth. As subsequently reported in the financial press: “This small Connecticut credit union now looks like it is punching well above its weight class.”

What we did: market research, brand strategy, brand positioning, naming, logo design, visual system design, brand guidelines, environmental design, implementation management