Brand Strategy and Design




All the analytical, strategic, creative, and digital capabilities needed to unleash the full potential of your brand.



Market research

Qualitative and quantitative research that captures the insights necessary to build a compelling strategic brand direction

Brand positioning

Defining a relevant, differentiated value proposition that appeals to the target audience and motivates a desired behavior


Creating the primary verbal expression of the brand that is memorable, authentic, and culturally appropriate

Logo design

Crafting a visual identity for a product, service, or company that will have lasting impact on the market

Print design

Designing, writing, and producing collateral, posters, stationery systems, and other communications materials

Brand exhibit design

Creating an environment that encourages personal interaction between you and your customers at a trade show, kiosk, or other meeting spaces

Website and app design

Creating interactive, virtual brand experiences using the latest technologies and platforms on web and mobile devices

Implementation management

Handling everything from launch planning, event creation, signage systems, budget planning, negotiating with suppliers, and a whole lot more


Brand strategy

Clearly defined strategic direction that guides the brand to meet your business objectives

Brand architecture

Articulating the roles and relationships of product, service, corporate and organizational brands

Employee engagement

Providing tools, workshops, and training to educate employees about the brand and its role in their everyday work

Visual system design

Developing a coherent brand look and feel, including typography, colors, approach to imagery, and graphic composition

Package design

Balancing form and function to distinguish the brand on the shelf, in the distribution channel, or at point of purchase

Environmental design

Creating a physical branded experience, from signs and wayfinding systems to full architectural environments for retail stores and corporate settings

Brand guidelines

The essential reference document that contains brand standards, do's and font's, and helpful examples so your brand stays consistent in all expressions


EBA® Analysis

Identifying those things that can make the most significant difference in your business results – it's like putting your Net Promoter Score® on steroids.