Brand Strategy and Design



Bethpage FCU

In all the years I've been doing this kind of work, VDLA was unquestionably one of the best partners we've ever had and just did an exceptional job...One of the nice things is that the research translated into real-world strategies and actions. 
– Gerard Schmitt, Vice President, Marketing, Bethpage Federal Credit Union 

Sipi Metals

VDLA understands the real-world implications of the strategy they developed, and explained it to us in clear, convincing language. The VDLA assignment helped us operationalize our sales strategy.  
– Everett Hill, Chief Sales Officer, Sipi Metals Corp.


I would wholeheartedly endorse VDLA. They are excellent brand strategists...they were able to dissect the research and bring out the critical insights that drove the strategy going forward.
– Kenn Adach, Director of Marketing Playtex Infant Care, Playtex Products


Working with VDLA to refine our brand strategy not only elevated our marketing approach but impacted our whole organization and how we approach Members. Their exclusive Emotional Brand Advantage® analysis uncovered the emotional and rational benefits that drive member acquisition and retention, revealed how to create better messaging, and educated employees on how to interact with Members. Their financial industry experience, and broad understanding of branding outside the industry, made VDLA a perfect fit for us.
– Tom Kraus, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Anheuser-Busch Employees' Credit Union

HOYA Surgical Optics had a strategic imperative to increase our business through global expansion. A hurdle to doing so was the lack of a unifying global brand strategy. We retained VDLA to energize our brand and allow us to compete more effectively against much bigger and better funded competitors. The result of their work was truly spectacular. Over a four-year period, we increased revenue 9x higher than the category, became the fastest growing intraocular lens company in the world, gained the #1 share position in our largest market (Japan), and successfully expanded into 12 new countries.
The fact-based process used by VDLA, which included qualitative and quantitative research, led to a new mission, vision, and brand positioning that unified the company globally. VDLA helped us establish a consistent brand platform, communications, and marketing strategy for all markets. Glenn Van Deusen also provided ongoing marketing consultation to the Executive Leadership Team. Ultimately, VDLA was charged with overseeing all Global Marketing activities for HOYA Surgical Optics.
I highly recommend VDLA to any CEO who believes there is potential to leverage their company brand to achieve more significant business results.
– Tom Dunlap, President and CEO of HOYA Surgical Optics

HOYA Surgical Optics

Black Mesa

The challenge we presented to VDLA was to completely transform our organization by elevating employee engagement and customer engagement with our brand. The result of their efforts was tremendous! Their four-step process started with a clear and unbiased assessment of our culture, heritage, and daily interactions with our guests. By deeply understanding these foundational elements, VDLA was able to articulate a strong strategic direction for all of our marketing efforts, which included changing our name and marketplace positioning. Then, they efficiently designed, developed, and implemented an incredibly long list of items needed to bring the new brand to life. I strongly recommend VDLA to anyone looking to accelerate their business results by engaging employees and customers more completely with their brand.
– Dean Burnett, Director of Marketing, Black Mesa

Hot Dog on a Stick

Their passion for the work and continued enthusiasm for the people and missions they work with are top-notch.

Feedback about the project was universally positive, and Van Deusen & Levitt Associates exceeded all expectations. The principals were responsive, engaged, and forthright, and they personally managed the process.
– Dan Smith, CEO, Hot Dog on a Stick

Youth Corridor

We couldn’t have asked for a better design team.

The high-quality results reflected the team’s exceptional design skills and implementation. Notable strengths included responsive communication and scheduling.
– Karen Ballou, Youth Corridor, Senior Partner, Lucas Brand Equity

Pentax Medical

The team was eager to dig deep into our organization and understand its structure.

The team’s research yielded insightful data on marketplace trends. Van Deusen & Levitt Associates took a genuine interest in the project and willingly traveled to four international locations to maximize results. Customers can expect to have a great working relationship with the principals.
– Former Global Marketing Director, Pentax Medical

TruMark Financial Credit Union

They delivered on everything they promised, improving our brand cohesiveness.

Van Deusen & Levitt did an excellent job of honing in on the company’s messaging, improving the understanding of the brand overall internally. Their thorough research-driven process led to great results, and they were very proactive and collaborative throughout the process.
– VP of Marketing, TruMark Financial Credit Union


We could tell that they really valued the assignment, and we were happy with the end result.

The work that Van Deusen & Levitt Associates produced helped in the implementation of a key goal for the investment thesis. Their team efficiently worked to understand the core elements of the assignment and delivered quality work. They were helpful, thoughtful, and collaborative throughout.
– Managing Director, Private Equity Firm