Brand Strategy and Design

Transitions SOLFX

When the masterbrand needs a little help, create a new sub-brand to gain access to a new audience.

Transitions Optical, the world’s #1 brand of photochromic eyeglass lenses, wanted to connect with younger consumers by introducing a sunglass lens that offered greater sports performance and fashion. VDLA was retained to define the brand positioning, name, and identity for the new product. We began by deeply understanding the core equities of the brand, the prime motivations of the target audiences, and the competitive environment in which to differentiate the brand.

Our process—which included interviews with product users, influencers, and retailers—led to a positioning based upon “the latest advancement in vision technology and enhanced performance.”

From this positioning platform, we created a striking new name and logo that captured the capability of the lenses to adjust to changing light conditions so that performance can always be at its peak, while still being fun and fashionable. We then developed and managed product literature, signage, trade display, and press materials for a PGA Tour program. In addition to a highly successful new product introduction, the branding of SolFX recast the entire Transitions® brand image to be more contemporary and stylish, enhancing its appeal for all audiences.

What we did: market research, brand strategy, brand positioning, brand architecture, naming, logo design, brand exhibit design, print design, implementation management