Brand Strategy and Design

TruMark Financial Credit Union

Tapping an emotional strength to accelerate member acquisition

TruMark Financial Credit Union was looking for fresh insights into how members felt about the credit union (both emotionally and rationally) in ways that NPS® couldn’t reveal.

Our EBA® Analysis revealed that TruMark Financial had a very specific emotional brand advantage over competitors that could be used to effectively attract new members. Using this insight, we developed a new brand positioning, target audience profile, and a simple yet powerful brand promise: Member Banking is Better Banking™. 

Working with supervisors and team leaders at TruMark Financial, VDLA also created a comprehensive brand training curriculum to ensure that all employees could easily and consistently live the new brand promise every day, with every member.

At every member touchpoint, TruMark Financial is now using their emotional brand advantage to attract new members, deepen existing relationships, and inspire employees to outperform.

What we did: EBA® analysis, market research, member profiling, brand strategy, brand positioning, tagline, employee brand training

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